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Carbon literacy training for employees



Empowering your employees through the opportunity of being certified carbon literate will lead to a whole host of commercial, CSR, cost saving and workplace benefits.

  • Demonstrate your company’s CSR in the clearest, most tangible way

  • Embed a low carbon culture throughout your organisation

  • Healthier workplaces & happier staff

  • Decrease energy & resource consumption

Group Hike

Sustainability Sorted

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An engaging, bespoke, fast paced programme for businesses that delivers quick, positive action & outcomes aligned to your specific goals.

Carbon literacy certification

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Empowering employees and individuals with carbon literacy certification will lead to a whole host of CSR, cost saving and workplace benefits.

Profit & Purpose 

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Discover how using your business as a force for good will add incredible value to all stakeholders. And your bottom line.

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