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How did be the change come about?

Being honest, a bit by chance, the stars (hopefully) aligning, me wanting to work in a space that I did truly have a passion for and trying to create a solution for a problem that is unique and more effective to anything else currently available.

I have a passion for climate change but I am open to admit that this passion is relatively new. I am also very open about the fact that I need to do so much better myself. Yes, I have reduced my personal carbon footprint over the last couple of years quite significantly but I still do a lot of stuff that I know I need to get better at or eliminate from my lifestyle. That’s a journey, it takes time and I am doing my best at getting better.

There are some great businesses taking the lead and reaping the benefits but why is the change generally way too slow?

Unfortunately in modern society we generally can’t wait to criticise any form of positive action, either because it’s not perfect, doesn’t quite provide a full solution to the problem or potentially might cause another problem (often a lot smaller one than the one we are trying to fix), somewhere else or later down the line.

Our belief is that if the positive outweighs the (potential) negative based on the information we have to hand, then do it. Once we’ve decided to do it let’s do it in the fastest, most cost effective and efficient way. There’s way too much noise around sustainability and climate change and not enough action. If you are thinking about any form of climate related subject matter, please think about TAKING ACTION & CHANGING BEHAVIOURS.

So why the change?

Three and a half years ago, thanks to me landing a role for a start-up that was in the space of supporting UK businesses with sustainability, I learned to understand the scale of the problem, both for our planet and UK businesses in adopting sustainable practices and behaviour.

What I learnt……….

  • There is no one solution for every business.

  • Every business has different objectives and motivations around adopting sustainable practices.

  • Businesses, particularly SME’s are incredibly time and resource poor. This is highly unlikely to change.

  • They can be enthusiastic at the start only to get dragged back into the core day to day operations of the business. Give them more than 5 things to action at one time and it will most likely be game over.

  • Your business CAN reduce costs and save money by investing in sustainability.

  • You need to excite and engage all stakeholders (customers, clients, employees, suppliers) to make great things happen.

  • Sustainable change can only happen with an element of human engagement

And the biggy………..

In order for businesses to embrace sustainable practices you have to SELL (some would argue this would be listed as a dirty word if there were a sustainability dictionary) THE BIG BENEFITS of adopting sustainable activity, solutions and actions and the scale of just what those benefits can do to enhance the proposition of that individual business.

So there we have it. That’s why we are here and that’s how we are going to go about doing our best to engage, enthuse and make a difference to Uk businesses and the planet.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you fancy being part of the be the change community, fancy a chat or have an idea, then please simply reach out and drop me a line at


P.s. You may have guessed it - I don’t write blogs for a living, I don’t ask anyone to proof-read my posts and there are more than likely some grammatical mistakes in the above but.......

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